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See you in September 2021!

A Blading Camp week for our mature riders. As most of the kids are back in school summer turns into fall and we hit the empty parks, plazas and cities to find some of the coolest locations in the south of Spain. Same classic Blading Camp style, 100% all included, all your food, all entrance fees, and all your travel for 6 days in the camp bus. We have healthy snacks and fresh fruit and water on us at all times!

Were pros at this!

Ben with a chill mute in Pizarra

Sit back and enjoy the perfect weather and we travel daily all along the coast to locations and sites that are great for a styles and levels of skating. We go to 7 skate parks and a pump track combining the perfect balance of skating for a fall, Southern Spainsh Session. The 3 new parks added to 2020 are quite cool with a nice new bowl in Pizarra. One is a Do it Yourself (DIY) skate park in Cartama and another is a Pump Track freshly built.

David / Safety

What’s grown from a few Instagram messages has now mitosed into a community of mature, Inline skaters who just rip. You’ll find something for every style of Inline skating here from Urban Freestyle, to trick skating, jumping and grinding, and ramp skating or bowl skating, to dancing, to slalom skating, you name your style and here you find yourself home and comfortable!

Temple Buddista Benalmádena

We’ll make some pit stops to look around at some sites along the Andalucía, Costa.

When you need a little extra help to land that technical trick, you got it!

We’ve got our camp bus for all our traveling needs! The bus comes loaded with fresh AC, USB chargers and comfy chairs to keep you refreshed and ready to roll in between all the parks and natural adventures! Be sure to bring your speakers cause the bus is a lot of fun.

Travel easy and with style

This year we are fortunate to announce that we have Mery Munoz confirmed! Mery is the best person to spend a week with and we couldn’t be more proud to have her joining us here for her 4th year of Blading Camp! I’m sure you’ve seen Mery lately destroying all types of skating! City Streets, Skate parks, jump ramps, street spots, you name Mery is on it and making it look so gooooood too! This last year she was also added to the USD Pro team! Congrats Mery well deserved! Welcome Back!

Josh Glowicki will be along side Mery using advanced teaching techniques. Just about every type and level of rider can benefit from Josh’s teaching expertise and over 10 years of teaching experience all over the world. Josh has also spent the last 10+ years as a traveling professional rider supported by some of the largest brands in the Industry such as Razors, Ground Control and Hedonskate. Josh’s positive attitude and passion for skating will help keep the vibes high and the laughter coming all day and all night.

Also joining them we have Juan Suarez, Uani. Uani is a master the way he skates is so fun to watch. A very chill rider that knows how to drop very controlled hammers fromm out of no where. Uani shreds and is so chill and down to earth with over 10 years experience teaching inline skating in schools in Malaga.

We’ll have with more of the classic #bladingcampfamily staff to be announced shortly as they are confirmed.

As always, there will be 1 on 1 lessons provided daily by the Pros. Along with group activities, skate games, daily warm up lessons and practice rail sessions! Come with and idea or some tricks that you’d like to improve on and well make sure you’ll get the help your looking for.

We will be in staying just north of Málaga in Bungalows, surrounded by nature built just for us! They are brand new and each has air conditioning, electricity and sleeps 4. Each comes fully loaded with comfy beds ready for you to make yourself at home!

All our meals are prepared by a 5 star chef specially designed for athletes and to your dietary preference! Vegan or Vegetarian? All is easy and delicious with our traditional Spanish meals made fresh each day with Ecological Produce sourced locally. When you register just select your diet.  #thinkgreen #bethechange #supportlocal

Enjoy the freshest fruits mother nature has to offer with all the food 100% ECOLOGICAL specially prepared athlete diet. We’re going to strengthen our bodies natural immune system by exercising a lot each and every day under the beautiful Spanish sun. Drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies we’ll super charge us to handle the 6 days of skate parks, city skates, beaches, World Heritage Archeological sites, pump tracks and lakes.

Invite some friends and come and support one of the only events in Blading in the 2020 season!

Ernest / Safety

*This is a inline event quads coaches are not available during this week.

What do you get?

Absolutely Everything!

All Accommodations at our Camp House / Bungalows
All Daily Transportation costs in our Blade Bus
All Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks: ALL ECOLOGICAL
All Daily Skate Park Entrance fees
All Daily Activities costs covered like Ardales Lake, The Ruins of El Torcal and Granada City Tour

*You only need to bring a little bit of money if you wish to buy souvenirs!

One All-Inclusive price


Reserve your place now for only 200€ and pay the rest later!

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