Aniek Kerkhofs – 20 – Holland

“I attended The Bladiescamp, #bladiesdoitbetter . I have been skating for 2 years now and it’s awesome! At the camp i learned some tricks in the vert, like fakie 180, fakie 360, normal 360 and to ride the vert better. I also learned to do more obstacles in general! I made many new friends, all the girls were so great that there was no one that i didn’t like! All the Instructors were cool except Josh 😉 No just kidding!!!! Everyone was cool in their own way. Manon was super sweet, Mery was just chill and cool and Josh is just happy and positive all the time. So they all were lovely. My favorite moment was the night when we went swimming under the stars. Melissa, Mery, Rosie and I were in the pool all night, and it was beautiful! Under the stars, in a pool… pff, perfect! The food was amazing! I loved it all. Especially the potato tortilla, that was extremely delicious. I loved Malaga Rock. It had everything: a mini, a vert, street things and quarters etc. I love quarters. This was an amazing experience and I hope to go next year as well. I want to thank Josh for asking me to go to this camp. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have this lovely experience. I also want to thank everyone who made it real! And I want to say to the people who are doubting to go: just go! It is really cool and totally worth it.”

Anya – 15 – France

“I have been skating for 7 years now, but I started street skating one year ago. I learned a lot of things, I could not list all. But mostly, I learned how to grind!! Thanks to Manon and Mery, (the coaches) I managed to do four basic grinds all in the same day! I really hope I could come next year! It would be amazing to go to Málaga again! I just want to thank everyone that participated to this project, because of their kindness I’ll never forget this amazing week!

Gia – 28 – Italy

“Hi, my name is Stet Geanina (Gia), I am 28 years old and i’m coming from Italy. The first time i saw a pair of skates was when i was 10 years old, and it was love at first sight! Since that moment i was skating all my life, even if i am a mom of two little princess, i always keep skating, because even if I’m not a professional skater, i love this sport too much for stop doing it. In August 2017 i attend the Blading Camp it was the best experience of my life. In this camp i learned a lot of things not only skating, but also a life lesson. I met new friends from all the world, i learned new languages and how is easy share my things with another person that i never met in my life, and how easy and beautiful it was doing that because we have one big passion in common that is skating. I learned something different from all the coach, for example Josh Glowicki taught me how to fly and have more control when I’m in the air, Richie Eisler helped me with my grinds, and Montre Livingston made possible that i close my 360 in all parts, regular, switch and fake. And i have to say that the three coach were all day helpful, friendly and courteous. My favorite skate park was Fuengirola, because it was so much fun skating there. I will come back next year because i would like to do this experience every year of my life, meet again my new friends and learn more tricks as i can. I think that this experience changed me, because i returned home with a big baggage of this amazing experience, and i try to share this in my town with the other skaters, no matter if they are kids, adults, or a mom like me. What is Important is to became a Big Skate Family, support each other and just keep skating. I have to thank my husband Erick because he always support me in all my trips. So see you next year. Thank you Josh for making this possible.

Jippe – 10 – Holland

“I have been 4 years skating, i learned how to spin better, jumping in to quarter pipes and lots more! All the instructors were super friendly and nice to everyone. I hope to come back to this every year! Malaga rocks and I hope i will return next year!!”

Youri – 15 – Holland

” I have been skating for 4 years and after Blading Camps i have more self-confidence and i learned to 450 spin!! I made friends with all the campers!! My favorite Coach was Josh Glowicki and my favorite moment was that i saw all the people having fun it was just like a big family. I will come back next year! LEKKER STROOPJE!!!!”

Felix – 15 – Denmark

I had the best time ever, and if anyone has the chance to go to Blading Camp you should DO IT!!!”

Reuben Collins – 13 – Scotland

“I have been skating for 6 years! I learned some new gaps and grinds at new great skate parks with a lot of new friends! All the coaches were equally as nice and kind and inspirational! My most memorable moment was probably arriving up to see the swimming pool and the view of the house we stayed at! I loved the Malaga Rock skate park. I think the camp was very well organized and all the people and food at the camp was great and also it’s perfect for any age of skaters… so yeah it was sick and I can’t wait for next year !!!”

Mike – 23 – England

“Been skating for 7 years now. I learned to have a lot more self confidence in my abilities and made loads of new friends. Now we are like our own little #bladingcampfamily. The whole experience was amazing and couldn’t pick a favorite moment because there was so many! I will definitely be coming back and would advise other skaters to do the same!! So much love Josh and Uani for sorting all the behind the scene work, So much love for Richie and Montre for being such sick guys and helping all the kids progress and smash it and So much love for Karsten for filming all the great stuff that went down and being such a cool guy.”

Mauro – 18 – Switzerland

“I’ve been skating for 4 years now! I learned that we Bladers are a family and it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad or if you are young or old. We are a family! I made many new friends, actually everyone is my new friend and we still keep in touch together. My favorite coach was Montre Livingston because he is my favorite Blader and he is always funny and chill. My favorite moment was actually the entire week 🙂 because it was just so nice to spend time together and to have fun. The food was quite good and every day there was something new and already ready when we came back from the park! Not only will i come back next year but I will I will come back as long as this amazing camp exist! Blading Camp was the best experience in my entire blading career and I recommend everyone to join the gang at least once in your life! It was just incredible to meet and learn from professional skaters and the atmosphere through the week was just so amazing. Thank you for making this possible!”

Björn Hunger -19 – Austria

“I have been skating about 3 years now.There was so much energy in every moment so i think the main thing i’ve learned was to push each other further to get things done and having a good time no matter when! I think that’s one of the best parts of Blading Camp to meet so many new and diverse people from so much different countries! There were so much good moments every day but i think my favorite one was the first day when i did my first real street session with the boys! Pretty much every skate park has got IT’S own special things and it was cool to see so many different parks every day! Big thanks to everyone for making this one of the best weeks ever!!”

Antoine Massa – 14 – France

“I attended the July Edition. I’ve been skating for about 1 year. I learned some spins, gaps, grinds and wheeling. I made a lot of friends and all the instructors were so cool that  i can’t choose my favorite one!! I will certainly come every year if i can!”

Finn Conghaile – 11- Holland

“I have been skating for 3 years, I learned to spin faster and some new grinds, I made a lot of new friends. From different countries. All the instructors were great!! My favorite memory was the The prank on josh the last day when Bernard fell and spilled “fake” blood everywhere! Josh freaked just out like a parent would!!! I will come back next year!! Thanks to all the camper and coaches!”

Lewis Yoxall – 18 – England

“I’ve been skating now for just over 2 years. At blading camp I mainly learned how to clean up a few tricks including Backside Savannah and riding in switch fakie with a few helpful tips from Richie and Tre! Josh gave me some tips on jump boxes too! #flightschool I only knew a few people when I got to Malaga but I quickly made friends with some really cool people from all over Europe. All of the dudes were cool, crazy tricks went down, they all did amazing to keep us all happy and create amazing memories for all of us! My favorite moment other than the skating was the Camino del Reyes as I was really scared of heights but managed to go on a walk through the canyon and then the cliff diving! As a photographer the views were a sick bonus too. My favorite food was definitely the Paella we had on the first day, it’s one of my favorite meals so it was sweet for me. My favorite skate park was the one we went to on the last night, Fuengirola, I loved the ledges there and it was just a sick session all round. Of course I’m coming back next year!!! Other than that I want to say a massive thanks to Josh, Montre, Richie, Uani, all the chefs (Laura) and the drivers, Maria, Charlie, Alejandra, Daniella and anyone else who made this happen! Oh and shout out to the WZA blade guys, Lewis, Reece, Olly, Conor, Danny, the other Lewis (other than me and Brad.”

Erik Droogh – 26 – Holland

“I Am currently living in Uithoorn, just below Amsterdam and 26 years old. (6 Nov 1990 ) I joined the campers in August! I have been skating half off my life now. So that’s about 13 years now and counting. At Blading Camp i learned “The flip check…”  That’s when When you get flip checked by some one you have to do a flip… doesn’t matter what kinda flip. It can be at any moment on any spot. Like in a Supermarket, in the van or flipping in to the water from a 10 meter high+ rock…. we flipped all over the place! I made lots of friends. On the first day you already feel a connection with a few off the campers. Then during the week you get in touch with everybody, it can be on a skate sessions or during one of the crazy pool party we had! Age doesn’t matter here! I had the best fun with some of the youngest kids. So really it’s hard NOT to make any new friends. The instructors were awesome … hard to pick one favorite. We had Josh, Montre and Richie. The boss and founder of the Blading Camp Josh Glowicki was arranging and organizing everything. From applying sun creme to making sure you do not turn into a lobster, to all the food & drinks as well as coaching with tips for tricks, teaching Flight School and Yoga Class. Then you have Mister Montre Livingston, the instructor who is so hyped and motivated everybody so damn good that most campers were so juiced they landed what they wanted to land. Montre Rules. Last but not least Richie Eisler. The guy that makes the best jokes when your not expecting it. And did you know Richie is a great singer? Maybe you can witness that on 1 of the next camps. The best moment was the moment i came home…And with home i mean arriving at the camp! Count me in for next year! It was a great experience. No pressure, and everybody was super relaxed. I am happy to see people loved the camp and already sad they wanna come back again next year (2018). Big shout out to the people who helped out with making dinner everyday & driving us safely around. And of course big love to Mister Glowicki for making it all possible and taking the financial risk to organize this for all kids and adults “

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