To reserve a spot in the camp, an initial payment of 200€ of the total cost 769€ must be made.

Reservations are made thru the credit card service available here on the website. https://bladingcamp.com/reservations/

or also by Bank Transfer ( click here for the details )

Paypal account is also available upon request for American bank account holders only.

My Remaining Balance

Your remaining balance must be paid in full one month before you arrive to camp. Not paying on time can cancel your reservation.

Bank Transfer info ( click here for the details )

One Single Payment

A one easy payment of 769€ can be made with Bank transfer. Bank Transfer info ( click here for the details )

Cancellation / Refund

If you wish to cancel your camp reservation you will have 2 weeks from the date of the reservation payment to ask for a refund. After which no refund will be given. 

It may be possible to transfer your reservation to another week or to the next year. Each is case by case basis. A request must be made at least 2 months before the start of your camp. If after this point the said camper cannot or chooses to not join us this will result in the termination of the original reservation (with no refund) and there is no option to move the reservation to a new week.

*In all cases of a cancellation, there is a 75 Euro fee and the additional bank fees / credit card service fees of 25 euros to accept and send back the money.

*We are not responsible if the said Camper injuries him/herself, on or off skates, before attending the camp thus not allowing him/her to join resulting in having to cancel the registration. No refund will be given and the option to move the reservation will be decided on a case by case basis based on the amount of time before camp was to start.

In case of a cancellation of full single payment; 50% will be refunded.

In the event of any sanitary disaster, crisis or government mandated change of policy, we will not cancel camp or refund your reservation, we will simply move your current reservation to the next available camp date or to the next year. 

In event of rain, or circumstances related to the weather causing us to alter the Planned Daily Route of 8 skate parks, activities and adventures, no refunds will be given. We will move into Plan B of the tour with includes Workshops with the Coaches, Practice Rails session in covered space, skate maintenance and other useful and group orientated activities during this time.

We recommend that you book your flights with Travel Insurance.

We are not responsible for any issues in travel not allowing you to join the camp.

Camp Rules

Blading Camp is not responsible for the damages caused by the campers to the premises, the house nor personal belongings, the student will be solely responsible for the costs of the damage caused.

Blading Camp is 100% non-tolerant to Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco.

It is completely forbidden to smoke or ingest alcohol /drugs during the course of the camp and its activities. This being reason for expulsion.

Blading Camp is not responsible for any acts outside the activities of the camp.

Each of the campers under 18 will be picked up from and taken to Málaga airport /Maria Zambrano/Bus station with a margin of approximately 1 hour between departure and arrival. Children will never be alone on arrival!

The camper will need his European health insurance card or social security card.

Blading Camp is not responsible for accidents associated with the practice our sports.

It will be mandatory to skate with helmet without exceptions and we recommend the use of protection gear too.

Blading Camp is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. We recommend not to bring valuables

Blading Camp aims for the best environment to learn and grow. Bullying, the interruption of classes and activities, not obeying the schedule etc. will not be tolerated.

Blading Camp has a trained and licensed professional staff, but we are not medical doctors or psychiatrists. We do hold the right to decline or cancel any reservation made by someone who has a mental of physical condition that we believe could jeopardize / harm / or complicate the camp experience for the other riders. This is case by case. Please make everything crystal clear when you register as we want to ensure that you and all riders are given the equal opportunity to experience the dream week, after all, we’re all in this together!

*We hold the right to decline, cancel and refund any registration made without acception. 

Any doubts or other information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us,

Whatapp message or call : Josh  +34 610 662 955


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