Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

Blading Camp is the worlds’ only 100% all inclusive Camp which means *all you have to do is book your airplane ticket and we take care of the rest! Shortly after you have made your reservation you will then receive a confirmation email from us. Sometimes the email gets sent into your spam/junk folders, please look there and if you don’t get any email within 3 days please contact us.

  1. Register for camp
  2. ALL RIDERS // Fill in your online registration documents // For Parents of riders Under 18 will need this filled in and sent back to us ***Please click here!  ***2021 Parental Authorization    ***Please click
  3. We send you a confirmation email with all the details. ( check your spam if you haven’t received it! )
  4. Parents & Riders under 18 send us your flight info as soon as you have it.
  5. Sit back and get ready for the best week of your life.

How does the airport service work?

The local Airport is Malaga (AGP) Spain. We designed this so that parents could just put their child on a plane and we will safely pick them up and then drop them off at the airport.

  • For our Riders Under 18

All Riders under 18 WILL BE picked up and dropped from the airport. The airport service is only available on the first and last days of the camp.

Too Parents: All you have to do it put your child on the plane and well pick them up and make sure they get back to the airport in perfect time to return home. Just book their flight and tell us when they landing! All riders will be met at the airport by our Blading Camp Staff and will never be left alone. On the arrival day we have a staff member who stays at the airport all day to receive the riders and to ensure no one is there alone. We will have constant contact with you and them (the camper) thru the whole process. After years and years of this process we are pros at it. Our track record speaks for it self.  Over 750 campers have come to visit us with out any issues . We’re good at this. We recommend also that you book Flight Insurance.

**Please contact us before booking any Flights that Depart or Arrive before 8:00am! 
  • For our Riders Over 18+

The only thing you need to do is get yourself to the Blading Camp Meeting Point very conveniently located near the airport. From there we load the bus and get the party started. Malaga is quite easy and economical to travel around. There are Taxis/Urbers and Metro and public bus options to bring you to the our Meeting Point. Uber is the simplest and easiest and only about 15 euros from the airport to our meeting point!

The Location GPS of the Meeting point will be sent to you after registration is complete and all your forms have been sent in.

Camp will start at 14:00 on the first day and end at 12:00 on the last day.

On the last day at 12:00 the bus will drop EVERYONE off at the airport. IF you fly early or you fly late is your choice but we will make an airport run with the bus one time when camp ends. If you depart before 12:00 you are responsible to get to the airport by Urber to Taxi.

On what day do i book my flights?

Your ARRIVAL flight should be booked so you arrive in Malaga the morning or early afternoon of the first day, preferable before 14:00. The DEPARTURE flight should be made for the afternoon or evening on the last day of camp, preferable after 14:00.

We do not have accommodations available on the days before or the days after the camp.

We require that all Traveling Campers download and install Whats app to be able to communicate directly with the staff who will be at the airport picking you up. Sometimes there are flight delays and this makes life super easy to have direct contact.

Any questions about flights please contact us before booking / Josh +34 610 662 955 or Uani +34 681 638 057 or info@bladingcamp.com if you have any doubts, please ask to save yourself and us a lot of headaches!

Am i too old for camp?

Are you too old to learn something new? No way, this is made just for you!

We are an all ages camp and are focused around cultivating the youth and creating an international community for the sport. Age is only a number. Everything about the camp is made for all ages riders including the 1 on 1 lessons that go great with any age. Our daily activities are done together in a group, it’s a family centered camp. In 2019 we had a huge resurgence of older riders coming down to Malaga and most weeks have a great mixture of young gun riders and older skaters 25+. The mixture is just great and creates a perfect environment cause each motivates the other! You’ll see!

We do have BIG KIDS weeks in the Fall season.


*Accommodations can change but our camp standards are very high, and if anything we’re to change it only would be to improve your experience!

Blading Camp is an evolving camp which means each year we improve and update to be more inline with our philosophy and principals. With the popularity of the camp we will have 2 different locations for 2022. Be confident that our bases in both locations are the same. One is not better than the other. They are both Super Clean, in a beautiful location, with Super comfy bed fully equipped with everything you will need, live surrounded in nature, a giant swimming pool, lots of space for our activities, workshops, practice rails and water gun wars and of course, incredible chefs preparing all your traditional Spanish Meals.

All registered Riders should be accustomed to sleeping/sharing spaces with others, true summer camp style. Normally we sleep 4 people per space. Other times we’ve had spaces of 6 to 7 riders. Once we get closer to the camp date we’ll be able to clarify exactly the sleeping arrangements for this year. But rest assured the highest quality and comfort is guaranteed.

All bed dressings and blankets are provided! Everything for you to just arrive and fall into your nice comfy bed!

How much is camp?

Camp is 699 Euros 100% All inclusive. That’s everything. The initial reservation of 200 euros must be thru the website or by bank transfer. Then the remaining balance of 499 euros can be paid in a few ways. We recommend the most easiest and simple for is that you pay the balance in CASH upon arrive to Malaga. Bank transfers must be made at least ONE month before the Start of you camp date.

Do you have Special, Vegan or Vegetarian Diets available?

Yes of course! Many of our staff members are vegetarians. All Meals are prepared as ordered by the camper during the registration process. All water, daily snacks, all meals, and fruits will be provided everyday as well.

I’m a parent, can i come with my younger rider to camp?

Parents who are wishing to come down to the Camp with their children are welcome! We recommend that you contact us by email. This year we do not have accommodations at the camp for the parents. Parents must stay near the camp grounds and visit daily or join the entire camp experience! If you don’t wish to join the experience, parents are welcome to come to the camp every single morning before we leave to start our day. The days start early around 8:30/9 and end around 9/10 on the evenings! Parents are welcome to come by at night as well but it’s a lot more complicated in the evenings after a long day day in the sun.

As always we can stay in constant contact with parents to update where we are and when we will return to the house.

Can I make a Reservation and then cancel it if I’m unable to join? Do i get my money back?

Yes you can! Please have a look a the link below as there are different options for you!

Terms, Conditions and Rules

What if I’ve made my reservation for this year but i can’t join for whatever reason?

If your unable to join us after you’ve made your reservation don’t worry, well simply move it to another week that fits your schedule better!

*In the event of any sanitary disaster, crisis or government mandated change of policy, we will not cancel camp, we will move your current reservation to the next available camp date.

We recommend that you book your flights with Travel Insurance.

How old must the Camper be?

Camp is designed so that all ages are welcome to grow and learn together. We provide the teaching techniques and exercises for everyone. Guaranteed you’ll learn what you want to learn no matter your age. Both boys and girls who are 13 years or older are welcome to the camp!

In the past years we have had campers as young as 8 years We made special arrangements with the parents and everything was perfect. Old or young, you’ll find your place perfectly here.

Any camper under the age of 13 is required to contact us before signing up. If you wish you register your child who is younger than 13 years old please email us before so we can talk directly to you about the whole process.

*Under 13 require a special airport service where a Camp councilor must enter into the airport, pass thru security and meet your child at the door of the airplane.

If you feel like your “too old” for this, your defiantly not!  We made this just for you! #backtoblading

What age was your youngest rider?

7 years old

What age was your oldest rider?

52 years old

This looks like its mostly for kids? I’m over 30… will I be the only adult there?

No way. We have designed and built everything so that anyone at any age will love the 6 day tour. As we are here to insure, focus and cultivate the next generation of skaters. Our camps are normally well mixed with riders from all ages and skill levels. Your presence here is very important. The younger kids see a mature rider and they learn and see that they too can grow and mature into the sport. The same type of motivation works for the more mature rider who’s perfecting his skills. He takes energy and power from seeing the younger rider achieve a new trick. This just repeats back and forth, everyone motivating each other. This is the Blading Camp Magic. But words can only do so much, wait till you experience it.

How good do I need to be/skill level?

On every camp there is always a mixture of skill levels, however the camps are not really suitable for total beginners.This means that if you’ve literally just gone out and bought your first pair of skates, then you might find the camps a bit intensive.” Riders should at least be good with the basics of standing, stopping and rolling on skates comfortably on skates. Any doubts please contact us.

What if i have never been in a skate park before but i want to learn ramps and grind?

Then you came to the right place! Cause everyone is here to learn and this is what the camp is all about. We will work on the very basic of techniques to ensure you have a great foundation. We start from the most basic and go from there. Again, if you’ve just gone out and bought skates and still can’t roll comfortably on the flat ground, you may find the camp a bit intense as we do some city skating and group skates all together. If your not sure, just ask!

What do we need to pack?

-A copy of your European insurance card or Insurance card from your country of origin.
-Bathing suit
-Tooth brush/tooth paste/ toiletries/soap shampoo
-A shower towel and beach blanket
-Special medications even if you don’t take regular bring anything in case.
-Protection gear & extra parts wheels and bearings. Please bring your gear even if you might not use it, we are skating 6 days straight, believe us you’ll be happy you did.
-Flip flops or beach shoes
-Helmets. No helmet no camp
-Big wheels if you have them
-Skates! Duhhh!!
-Jacket / Hoodie
-Reusable Water Bottle

Do i need spending money?

We are the worlds only 100% all inclusive camp which means children you need pocket money if they wish to buy souvenirs, drinks or candy during the skates thru the city. All water, daily snacks, all meals, and fruits will be provided by Blading Camp every day.

Can we contact our child during camp?

Yes, of course. These days most children have their own mobile phones anyway but if not you can contact one of the camp organizers Josh +34 610 662 955 or Uani +34 681 63 80 57  We recommend campers all download Whats app to make communication super easy. Please note that during the days we are very busy so do not be worried if we can not answer our phones immediately.

How do we Travel around?

Transportation will be provided all week in a nice new, air-conditioned bus. The bus has USB chargers for all the charging needs as well as sometimes, WIFI! But not always as we go thru the mountains a lot. The bus is equipped with seat belts for all and the drivers are all chosen by us personally and are 100% professionally licensed, insured and certified. The bus is cleaned and sanitized extensively after each and everyday to ensure your safety at all times!


All Campers are required to travel with their European blue insurance card. Riders from other parts of the world should bring their insurance documents as well.

Camp Group Size

The amount of riders will vary from week to week. Most weeks are designed and built with the intention of having 40 riders. Sometimes a few more or sometimes a few less all depends on riders availability. We’ve hosted camps with as few as 16, all the way to 60 riders. For us, 40 riders give or take is great size. *Quality control is always guaranteed and our number one priority.

Daily Activities | City Tours

We will be traveling thru many cities in Southern Spain. Some we will do group skates and others we will just walk and be tourists!! We will have a full staff around at all times ensuring that the groups stay together and no one wonders off alone ever. Our Younger Campers are not allowed to go to shops and buy things alone, They will always be accompanied by Camp Staff Adults. We will be visiting many beaches, and fresh water lakes. You should know how to swim. We will do some small adventures and walks thru the mountains visiting ancient megalithic ruins and other outdoor activities. Don’t worry it’s a very basic walk at a higher altitude. The most basic hiker can do it with ease! Proper Shoes should be worn/brought, flip flops are not allowed during the days of walking in the mountains.

I have a complicated medical issue, can i still join the camp?

Yes you can, but please contact us first, let us understand your needs first.

Blading Camp has a highly trained and licensed, professional staff with more than 20+ years experience working with all ages, groups and styles of people but we are not medical doctors or psychiatrists. We hold the right to decline or cancel any reservation made by someone who has a mental of physical condition that could jeopardize / harm / or complicate the camp experience for the other riders. This is addressed on a case by case scenario. Please contact us for any doubts! After all, we’re in this together!

Camp Requirements

  1. You should know how to swim. You will not be forced to swim but we will be around lakes, rivers and beaches daily.
  2. You should be prepared to sleep comfortably sharing a space with 2 to 4 people.
  3. Must be over the age of 13. Under 13 please contact us before registering.  All ages are invited but with a few special details to discuss before!
  4. Helmets are 100% required, no questions asked. No helmet, No camp. We do not have extra helmets here at camp. It maybe possible to find you or even purchase one from the local shop but we will not be visiting any skate shops during the camp, please make the arrangements before camps starts. If you need help just ask.
  5. The camps are not suitable for real beginners.This means that if you’ve literally just gone out and bought your first pair of skates, then you might find the camps a bit intense.”
  6. We recommend that you book your flights with Travel Insurance.
  7. If you have any medical conditions, even the smallest you are required to disclose it, which means tell us in detail what it is. In some cases doctors notice may be required. We are not certified medical professionals.
  8. You must bring your medicines even if you don’t take them regularly, bring them “just in-case”.
  9. Bring your extra skate parts, wheels, bearings, tools. We don’t have here!

2021 Virus Update

Your 100% safe here at camp. We hosted our 2020 camps last year during the “most intense” moment of the pandemic with out having any issues or problems. YES NOT ONE! All flights arrived and departed without issues. All riders came and left healthier than before. We had over 80 riders join us from 10 countries all with magnificent results.

We’re professionals.

  • We go above and beyond the outlined “safety measures.”
  • We super charge the diets with even more fresh fruits and vegetables to power up your natural immune system.
  • The week is full of exercising in direct sun light. That’s lots of vitamin D, sweating and drinking lots of water!
  • Lots of contact with fresh air, mountains and nature.
  • Lots of beaches, lakes and fresh water. Clean fresh water!
  • Full of laughs and positive vibes all day all night.
  • We will provide all the masks and gels needed for the week.
  • All our activities, meals, and skating are preformed in the open air spaces.
  • We have an even larger bus than usual to provide extra space for everyone.
  • The bus is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • We have up to 3 extra staff personal working behind the scenes to clean and sanitize everything to ensure we all are good and safe.

Info on Children Under 13 Traveling Alone




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