We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, Adventure Skate Academy, with emphasis on creating an expanding community of conscious skaters while teaching expert techniques and practices to sustain a healthy and thriving future for all. An ecological experience where we live in nature, tour local UNESCO World Heritage sites, recycle and compost all the trash we make while using only locally sourced, Biological products for all our delicious meals. A residential camp, where we live together for 6 days with the best Pro’s in the industry!

In 4 years we’ve hosted more than 500 skaters, All ages, skill levels, styles and backgrounds, from over 45 countries all with magnificent results. Our camp weeks are perfectly mixed with all ages and skills. Last year we had a big resurgence of riders re-discovering skating for the first time in years. Welcome back! #BackToBlading

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

Where is it?

Málaga, Spain

Welcome to Andalucía. Málaga, 300 days of sunshine a year, 185 kilometers of coastline, and the friendliest of people. Discover it’s breathtaking landscapes, it’s extensive culture, flamenco, the famous white villages, it’s abundance of 30+ unique skate parks, some of the most spectacular beaches, street skating, city routes, adventures in nature or it’s inexhaustible gastronomical delights.

A home for skaters.

We make it all so easy!

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €



Blading Camp is an evolving, ecological-adventure camp by skaters. Each year we improve and become more in alignment with our philosophy and principals. We recycle everything we use, we compost 100% of our excess food waste. We buy local. Support small ECO farms that produce our fruits and veggies. Our Camp locations are always beautiful locations surrounded by nature, with super comfy beds fully equipped with everything you’ll need, a giant swimming pool, plenty of space for our activities, workshops, practice rails, and of course our incredible chefs preparing all your Traditional Spanish meals.

Clean Comfy Beds
Giant Swimming Pool
Huge Shared Common Rooms
Giant Cinema Space
Outdoor Exercise Space
Practice Grind Rails
An Ecological Garden
Yes, yes, all of this and more!

Welcome to the 2021 Blading Camp!

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

Ever dreamed of a Skate Tour? We got the bus!

It doesn’t matter if your learning to skate, been skating your whole life professionally or if it’s your first time to skate in a few years, you’ll find yourself perfectly at home here at Blading Camp. We all travel together in style in one bus that is fully equipped with ice cold air conditioning, big, comfy seats with USB chargers, and WiFi to comfortably get from place to place. So sit back and enjoy the ride while we take care of everything.

The bus is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each day to ensure our safety and it’s cleanliness.

*Included for our riders under 18 years old is our legendary airport service where we pick you up and drop you off at the airport!

All you have to do is tell us when your landing!


679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

Every day is loaded with adventures, activities and of course a lot of skating! We’ll be taking adventures around Málaga such as the famous Ancient city of Granada & Alhambra Castle, tour the beautiful small Spanish streets and shops, and top it all off with a huge skate park. We’ll trek high in the Andalusian mountains to the Megalithic Ruins of El Torcal a UNESCO World Heritage site! We have lots of time on different beaches, and yes, we’ve got the umbrellas to make shade. We visit many cities on skates like beautiful Marbella. As well, Fuengirola, Antequera, San Pedro and Benalmádena with different routes, street skating and adventures in each location. Visit Lake Ardales, one of the most beautiful, freshwater lakes in Spain. The surrounding views are impressive with cliffs and mountains all around the turquoise blue water that is so clean you can drink from it. We wake up early to enjoy the day to the fullest and arrive back home just in time for dinner.

Are you prepared for 6 days of skating the best places on the planet with a crew of superheros?

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

Have a special diet? Vegan or Veggie? No problem!

How ever you like your food, we’ll prepare it perfectly. We have professional Spanish chefs cooking all your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner including all of our Traditional Spanish dishes, like Tortillas, Empanadas and Paellas. We understand that skating all day takes lots of energy so we make sure the plate portions are huge to keep you powered up all day. All food is biologically sourced from Málaga which means your guaranteed the highest quality of food prepared specifically for athletes. The Spanish sun is strong and we keep fresh, cold water, snacks and fruits with us everywhere we go!

Rest assured, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

1-on-1 lessons from your favorite Pros

#highclassskateclass #byskatersforskaters


Practice Rails Sessions

Back for 2021 will have our Camp Practice Rails! We’ll be making different sessions and fun skate games at the Blade Camp House!

Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Daily Warm Up Classes

We offer daily classes to prepare your bodies for the long day of skating!
We’re Pro’s at this!


679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €


Each week well have up to 4 of our Blading Camp Staff Coaches. This will depended on their availability and the size of the week. Be sure to keep a watch on our social media where we announce each week with the coaches! 

Sign up quickly if you wish to spend your summer skating in the beautiful sun of Málaga, visiting up too 8+ different skate parks and pump tracks, as well as many breathtaking adventures living and learning with different skaters and Pros from all over the world!

Limited Space Available


Join the

679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €

- our awesome staff -

Meet the family

Joe Atkinson
Joe Atkinson
It's with the greatest of pleasure and excitement that we officially welcome the 3x World Champion, the man who took the Skate World by storm...
Juan Suarez
Juan Suarez
A local hero with more than 25 years of experience on wheels in the streets and skateparks of Malaga, many times winner of competitions throughout...
Bomba Hache
Bomba Hache
We are so happy to announce the newest and coolest edition to the #bladingcampfamily coming all the way from the North of Spain, the legendary...
Manon Derrien
Manon Derrien
Have you ever imagined that you would be a video game character? I think to all the pro skaters its a dream to be in a video game!!  Well our...
Barbara Luciana (Barbie)
Barbara Luciana (Barbie)
Joining us this year all the way from Argentina is the one and only Barbie Patin! One of the most stylish and talented Roller-skaters in the game!...
Josh Glowicki
Josh Glowicki
Josh has been skating professionally as well as teaching all over the world for the past 15 years. You've seen him from Siberia, Russia to...
Richie Eisler
Richie Eisler
We couldn’t be more excited than to announce The Man himself, one of the originators of the Gypsy Camps, and Captains of the Flight School...
Montre Livingston
Montre Livingston
Mr Energy. Blading Camps would not be here if it wasn’t for Co-Founder and absolute super hero Montre!I His list of accomplishments in the...
Bobi Spassov
Bobi Spassov
A Strong contender as leader of Blading’s new school aesthetic, and the driving force behind XCCV from Israel. A chill dude who’s got a lot...
Mery Muñoz
Mery Muñoz
Oh Mery Mery Mery. Mery is an absolute machine! When you see Mery skate your impressed. She skates better than you. No But seriously, Don’t...
Nils Jansons
Nils Jansons
If your an Inline-Skater the chances are good that you already know who Nils Jansons is! We’ve seen Nils time and time again make history!...

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    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us :
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    +34 610 662 955 (Josh) 

    6 Days


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    What do you get?

    Absolutely Everything!

    – All (8+) Skate Park Entrance fees

    All Accommodations at our Camp House with all the extras!
    All Meals / Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks everyday / ALL ECOLOGICAL products.
    All Daily Activities costs covered like Ardales Lake, The Ruins of El Torcal and Granada City Tour, ect.

    All Daily Transportation costs including our airport service (under 18) where we pick you up and drop you off at the airport!

    *You only need to bring a little bit of money if you wish to buy souvenirs!

    Hope your one of the


    See you in Malaga!!


    679€ Total Price, reserve with: 0.00 €


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