Open to All Ages & All Skill Levels!

The same BladingCamp hospitality that we have become known for but this time, we have raised the bar by extending the camp length to 5 days and 6 nights. Our campers asked, and we´ve listened!

Where is it?

Málaga, Spain

Beautifully situated in Andalucía, tucked away nicely in the South of Spain. Malaga is the skaters paradise! We´ve got so many cool skateparks, cities, beachs and outdoor adventures all near to Malaga!

The ONLY 100% All-Inclusive Camp!

We’ve got you totally covered!
You only need to book your flights!
We will even pick you up and drop you off at the airport!
How easy is that?!


Simply Everything!



This year we’re taking the idea of a skate camp to another level! We will all be staying together in a beautifully reformed windmill called El Molino, in the countryside of Málaga. The house is huge with multiple dorm rooms and lots of space for all us. It has many bathrooms and showers to accomodate everyone with ease. Everyone will have a super Comfy bed, WIFI, A Rooftop Swimming Pool, Huge Common Room, Cinema Room, YOGA Room, Caves to Explore behind the house, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, an Outdoor Adventure Park, A Basket Ball court, Water Gun War Zone, and a Practice Grind Rail!  There is a garden where some of our veggies will come from!  Yes, yes, all of this is in our backyard… Welcome to the 2018 Blading Camp House!  #highscore

Transportation a.k.a #BladingBus

Have you ever dreamed of going on a Big Skate Tour? Now is your chance! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been skating your whole life Professionally or if it’s your first time on skates, Blading Camp is for everyone! This year, we are all traveling in one bus that will take us around the coast of Spain in style. Together, with 20+ riders from all over the world we’ll maneuver in and out of each uniquely different Spanish city arriving to all the 8 +great skateparks and daily activities. Also included is our legendary airport service where we pick you up and drop you off at the airport! All you have to do is tell us when your landing!  #seeyouattheairport !!!

Daily Adventures

Blading Camp is more than just an In-line Skate Camp! Each day we’ll be taking adventures around Málaga such as a day trip to the famous Ancient city of Granada where we will visit the breathtaking Alhambra Castle and a huge skatepark! We’ll trekk to the Ancient Megalithic Ruins of El Torcal and the strangely awesome Castle de Colomares! Also planned chill time on many beaches ( and yes, we’ve got unbrellas to make shade! ) and tour loads of cities on skates! We’ll visit Lake Ardales that is one of the most beautiful, fresh water lakes in Spain. The views surrounding us are impressive with cliffs and mountains all around the turquoise blue water that is so clean you can drink from it! We wake up early to enjoy the day to the fullest and arrive home just in time for dinner! Our days our loaded with lots of skating… are you prepared for 6 days of shredding the best places on the planet with a crew of superheros? We sure are!

All the best food

Vegan or Veggie? No problem! How ever you like your food, we’ll prepare it perfectly! We have professional Spanish chefs cooking all your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as all your favorite Traditional Spanish dishes, like Tortillas and Empanadas and Paella. #bladingchefs  We understand that skating all day in this heat takes all your energy so we make sure the plate portions are huge to keep you powered up to skate all day! All food is Ecological/BIO sourced from Malaga which means your guaranteed the highest quailty of food prepared specifically for athletes. The Spanish sun is strong and we keep fresh cold water with us everywhere we go!
Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!


Exclusive Bladies ONLY

“Dates and Registration Coming soon”
Open Sessions: Mixed All Ages All Levels
“Dates and Registration Coming soon”


One-on-One lessons from your favorite Pro-skaters!


Practice Rails Sessions

We got a Practice Rail this year and we’ll be making different practice rail session at the Blade Camp House!!! Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Daily Yoga Class

We offer daily Yoga classes to warm up and keep your bodies prepared for the long day of skating!
We’re Pro’s at this!



Each week will have up to 4 Coaches depending on their availability!
We will announce which coaches are on your week thru social medias as soon as they are confirmed!
Keep updates on the Facebook or Instagram Page to know whos joining your week!

As always, space is limited!


Sign up quickly if you wish to spend your summer shredding in the beautiful sun of Malaga, visiting up too 8+ different skateparks as well as many breathtaking adventures with different skaters and pros from all over the world!

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Meet the family

Josh Glowicki
Josh Glowicki
Blading Guru
Josh does Glow!!!! Of course you know this guy, if not you will soon. With his unique style skating and lifestyle, no matter what, he will always...
Manon Derrien
Manon Derrien
Style Queen
Have you ever imagined that you would be a videogame character? I think to all the pro skaters its a dream to be in a video game!!  Well our...
Mery Muñoz
Mery Muñoz
Super Shredder
Oh Mery Mery Mery. The first word that we can use is Machine. Mery is an absolute machine! When you see Mery skate your impressed. She skates...
Montre Livingston
Montre Livingston
King Tre AKA Mr. Energy
Montre Livingston – Mr Energy.  King Tre himself will be joining this years Blading Camp!  We are super happy to announce his arrival! In...
Nils Jansons
Nils Jansons
Happiest Guy Ever!
If your an Inline-Skater the chances are good that you already know who Nils Jansons is! We’ve seen Nils time and time again make history!...
Richie Eisler
Richie Eisler
The Godfather
We couldn’t be more excited than to announce The Man himself, one of the originators of the Gypsy Camps, and Captains of the Flight Schools...
Scott Quinn
Scott Quinn
Chillest Guy!
“The flying Scottsman” aka Mr. Positive. This years Blading Camp we are so excited to welcome the one and the only Scott Quinn. Quinny...

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6 Days / 5 Nights

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