How does the airport service work?

The local Airport is Malaga (AGP) Spain. We designed this so that parents can just put their child on the plane and we will safely pick them up and then drop them off at the airport. Rest assured we’ve done this for over 300 riders in the past 4 years, we’re pros at this.

**We recommend booking your flights with travelers insurance if possible. 

  • For our Riders Under 18

All Riders under 18 WILL BE picked up and dropped from the airport. The airport service is only available on the first and last days of the camp.

Too Parents: All you have to do it put your child on the plane and well pick them up and make sure they get back to the airport in perfect time to return home. Just book their flight and tell us when they landing! All riders will be met at the airport by our Blading Camp Staff and will never be left alone. On the arrival day we have a staff member who stays at the airport all day to receive the riders and to ensure no one is left alone. We will have constant contact with you and them (the camper) thru the whole process. After years and years of this process we are pros at it. Our track record speaks for it self.  Over 500 campers have come to visit us with out any issues picking them up or dropping them off. We’re good at this. We reccomend also that you book Flight Insurance.

**Please contact us before booking any Flights that Depart or Arrive before 8:00am! 
  • For our Riders Over 18+

The only thing you need to do is get yourself to the Blading Camp Meeting Point very conveniently located near the airport. From there we load the bus and get the party started. Malaga is quite easy and economical to travel around. There are Taxis/Urbers and Metro and public bus options to bring you to the our Meeting Point. Uber is the simplest and easiest and only about 15 euros from the airport to our meeting point!

The Location GPS of the Meeting point will be sent to you after registration is complete and all your forms have been sent in.

Camp will start at 14:00 on the first day and end at 12:00 on the last day.

On the last day at 12:00 the bus will drop EVERYONE off at the airport. IF you fly early or you fly late is your choice but we will make an airport run with the bus one time when camp ends. If you depart before 12:00 you are responsible to get to the airport by Urber to Taxi.

On what day do i book my flights?

Campers flights should booked to arrive on the morning of the first day of the camp and the leave/depart on the afternoon/evening of the last day.

We do not have accommodations available on the days before or the days after the camp.

We require that all Traveling Campers download and install Whats app to be able to communicate directly with the staff who will be at the airport picking you up. Sometimes there are flight delays and this makes life super easy to have direct contact.

Any questions about flights please contact us before booking / Josh +34 610 662 955 or Uani +34 681 638 057 or info@bladingcamp.com if you have any doubts, please ask to save yourself and us a lot of headaches!

See you at the airport!


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