Nils Jansons

Nils Jansons

Happiest Guy Ever!
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Nils Jansons is easily one of the most respected rollerbladers in Europe for a multitude of reasons.

Nils Jansons

If your an Inline-Skater the chances are good that you already know who Nils Jansons is! We’ve seen Nils time and time again make history! With every move he makes he changes the game and raises the bar! Nils’ list of accomplishments is too large to write. He’s won ONE magazines “Skater of the Year”, Winterclash and just about any other major event out there….really we lost count on how many contests he’s won! But that’s not important. What is most important is the example he give to the world. He is the definition of a Professional In-line skater. Each video he makes is unique and a viewing pleasure. When he is not dropping hammers, Nils lives in his home town in Jurmala, Latvia where he runs his own In-line skate school named Inline Skola Straume! We have had the pleasure of joining his school last summer and boy was it fun! His pure joy of life and excitement for each new day is addicting. You just want to be around Nils cause of his positivity is electric! His tricks are unique. He skates with power. Nils knows how to fly! His tricks are big. He skates fast. And he has complete control when he’s doing. Boy does he make it look easy! Simple put. Nils kills…but also Nils Thrills. Welcome Coach Jansons to BladingCamp.

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