Blading Camp has quickly become the most trusted name in In-Line Skating Teaching Programs. Our expertise and impeccable reputation has become known throughout the world in our Summer Camps programs.

Join International, Professional Riders for a day of learning, laughing and Blading, full of group activities as well One on One personal lessons to help you perfect your skating techniques from the coolest, certified inline skating instructors with more than 15 years of Skating/Teaching experience. Flight School is a one day In-line skate Workshop open to everyone, All ages, All Styles and All skill levels.

Our workshops are divided in two parts: The Theory and the Training.  

“Before any technique can be practiced you must learn the why behind it.”  Each workshop activity will have 20 minutes of a “class room” theory. This provides the student with the logical part of the how and why of doing something. We then apply the technique in the training. The combination of these two forms of learning creates our unique system of teaching that has made Blading Camp so popular and successful.

We will learn basic maneuvers such as:

How to Grind, Stall, Ride Fakie, Drop in Quarter Pipes, and to Fly on ramps. Also, more advanced techniques as high technical ridding, grinding and spinning!  


*Flight School
Where we teach you how to fly!

*Creativity Class

We help to show the variety that skating can have by using the course differently or by doing the same tricks, in a completely new way!

 *Group Activities

Trick Train, Skate Park Snake, Tag, and High Jump and much more.

*Healthy Lunch and Snacks will be provided during the Workshop.

We end with “movie time” where we will watch some of the best “runs” in the history of our sport and discuss how and why they are so good!  

Now’s your chance to perfect your riding with great instructors in a wonderful environment!

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