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Today makes the begging on a few phase of interactive, live and direct Blading camp coverage of whats going in life, more than just skating and Skate Camps.  My name is Josh Glowicki one of the organizers, creators and directors of Blading Camps. For the past 8 years i have been blessed to travel extensively around the world taking my skates with me where ever i go.  As i have not always lived the most lavish rich, (monetary speaking) life thru In-line skating, but i have been compensated with a variety of life changing, rich experiences that have brought me to the present moment.  Last year was the culmination of all of this dream chasing on skates when i met my partner.  She is the main reason I’m here now doing this. She has supported me along this entire process and mistake making that it has been to get Blading Camps off the ground and rolling. My partner is a super hero.  And to have a super hero fully support what you do, creates a space where you have freedom to make mistakes and free from doubt of what “could go wrong” or at least that’s what i have experienced. Just knowing that someone else believes in you, and someone that you have the utmost respect for, changed my life in so many ways. Thanks Love for being the powerful human you are.

I am now going to start blogging about life and daily things thru the Blading Camps!   I, Josh Glowicki have just arrived to Moscow to help make the 3rd Annual SIBSUB Inline camp taking place in Tyumen Siberia! Im sooo excited this is one of the best weeks of the year!  I came 2 weeks early to finish some camp work and to work on a new section on Richies Up coming video coming out later this year! He just started a youtube channel so have a look and subscribe today as we will be doing a lot of live updates! here it is  :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0yRdyHyjawGOsbb8012Pg

Today was the first day of filming. We had great summer weather and your boy got on the boarrrd!  2 tricks in and more tomorrow!  The FIFA world cup is happening in Moscow right now and the city is on fire with tourists and people! Tomorrow ill share some photos and update on whats going on. Thanks for reading.


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