What our campers and parent say about us!


In August i attend the BladingCamp that was the best experience of my life. In this camp i learn a lot of things not only for skating,but also a life lesson. I meet a new friends from all the world, i learn new languages and how is easy share my things whit another persons that i never meet in my life, ad how easy and beautiful was doing that because we have one big passion in common that is skating.

Gia Nina
Gia NinaCamper

"i think that the camps have been the best activity for the kids during the summer. They get to do a lot of different activities , learn new tricks and get to hang out with the pros!"

Nina Lindbom (Sweden)

"The Camp is awesome with all the bladders, the pros and the young guns! The atmosphere is always on top and we are all a big family! The Pros are the best! They teach everyone at the camp about everything from blading to the meaning of life! haha! High score for the summer for sure! Bless."

Axel Bihagen ( Sweden )
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